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Please keep in mind this is in early Alpha and has yet to be playtested

Welcome to the home of the Everlore Campaign setting. This is a setting I created many years ago (circa 1996). Unfortunately most of my work has been lost over the years so I have finally decided to rebuild it.

Lessons learned along the way. When I first created my world oh so many years ago I did so starting at a Macro scale with global geography and worked down to a micro detailing cities and dungeons and whatnot. It took me over two years of work to get it playable. This time I’m working the other way around. Starting with a little background on one region and a bit of local culture, and will detail the rest as it comes.

You can find a list of player Races here.

Our adventure will start out in the town of Sephrol Mills.

The Gods are a work in progress.

Main Page

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