Sephrol Mills

A small logging town of under 200 people it exists today much the same as it has for generations. It sits in Eastern Kharit in the world of Sedere.

Race Human Elf Halfling Other
Population 95% 2% 2% 1%

Notable locations

Sephrol Mill: The mill is run by Joleen’s uncle Albert Miller
Emban River

Calin Woods:

Garath’s Dry Goods: Is run by Garath Merryweather, a relative newcomer to town having only arrived here about five years ago.

The Broken Axe:Joleen Miller run’s the Broken Axe tavern and public house where more than a few of the local lumber jacks take lodging for the cutting season before returning to their home towns and cities in the fall.

Temple of Myranda:


Sephrol Mills

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