Human gods

There are six names commonly worshiped by the race of Man. In reality things are more complex than that however as there are two trinities and each trinity is in itself representative of one being A god and a goddess. The singular beings are never worshiped directly as they are above all things corporeal. Each trinity has a light and dark aspect (good or evil in game terms but this is not absolute) as well as representative of the stages of human life (child, adult, elder).


Polk ~ Child of mischief and play. Patron of gamblers, protector of children

Zalen ~ Lord of the forge, bringer of fire, the patron of warriors and protector of Families

Embygen ~ Grandfather Sage, teacher of wisdom, keeper of knowledge, deathless one


Myrandia ~ Maiden of the woods, patron of hunters and woodsmen

Ariandra ~ Mother of the Harvest and bringer of life.

Hecarna ~ Grandmother Time, goddess of Memory, Medicine, and Inevitable Death



Jayden ~ The deceiver, Child of lies

Tumult ~ The wrathful one, lord of storms, bringer of war

Letun ~ The great unseen one, lord of Entropy, and bringer of undeath


Maggra ~ the whore, bringer of disease and pestilence

Araphyl ~ The shadow of famine and wind of drought.

Heptha ~Crone in the woods, the polluter of minds, thief of memory.

Nonhuman Deities.

Elf gods

Corellon Larethian ~

Sashelas ~ The patron deity of aquatic elves. He is also a god of creation, knowledge, beauty, and magic. Sashelas is known as the “Knowledgeable One,” and is the master of dolphins. Sashelas is married to the goddess of Dolphins, Trishina. His holy symbol is a dolphin.

Lolth (Lloth) ~

Rillifane Rallathil ~

Eilistraee ~ also referred to as “The Dark Maiden,” Elistraee is the goddess of song, swordwork, hunting, the moon and beauty and is diametrically opposed to the Lolth. Her worshippers are Elves include good-aligned Drow hoping to escape the Underdark’s evil, Lolth-worshipping matriarchal society, and regain a place in the surface world. Eilistraee, the daughter of Corellon Larethian and of Araushnee (who after being punished by Corellon assumed the name Lolth)


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